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He Tangata – An Exhibition by Hayley Smith, Whaea Whenua.

Friday 05 July to Saturday 27 July 2024




Fri 05 July to Sat 27 July


The Incubator Gallery, 159 17th Avenue, Tauranga

The art showcases cultural treasures passed down through generations. Portraying some of the stories of our local history and features within our Moana, detailing taonga tuku iho; gifts left for us to share; to be retold using an effective metallic palette - acrylic on canvas.

This collection is a testament to the vibrant life and rich heritage of our community. The palette captures the essence of our land, reflecting the sunlight that dances on the waters of Tauranga Moana. Through this artwork, Hayley aims to honour the spirit of our ancestors and celebrate the diverse tapestry of people who call this place home. The pieces invite viewers to engage with the stories and to find their own connections within the layers.

Let us continue to share our taonga tuku iho, ensuring that the spirit of Tauranga Moana thrives for generations to come.

Kia Ora Koutou
Ko Mauao Te Maunga, Ko Tauranga te Moana
Ko Ngai Te Rangi, Ngati Ranginui nga Iwi
Ko Ngati Hangarau, Te Whanau a Ruataupare oku hapu
Ko Hayley Smith ahau.
He uri ahau no te Whare nei - Okorore ;  "House of Lords".
Whakapapa to both Joseph Te Kira - te Mataamua, and Kiritoha - te Potiki of Okorore; Faulkner House.

Opening preview Friday 5 July,  5:30pm. Everyone welcome. Refreshments and licenced bar available.

On display in The Incubator Gallery from 6 to 27 July 2024, 10am-3pm Monday to Saturday

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