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Graeme James

Saturday 15 June 2024




Sat 15 June, 19:00-21:30


159 17th Avenue. Tauranga 3112

After a mammoth year touring Europe, playing festivals in South Africa and the USA, Graeme is delighted to bring the collection of songs home to Aotearoa over the months of June and July.

Following a year of releasing adventurous covers of such diverse songs as ‘Harvest Moon’ by Neil Young and ‘You Only Live Once’ by The Strokes, James is excited to bring some fresh perspective and life to his own new and unheard material.

‘Luminous Times’ is an exploration of the stories we tell ourselves and the power they have to shape our experience for better or worse. Indie folk is having its renaissance once again and James is riding the wave, so be sure to check out his vibrant live show all around Aotearoa.

In all main centres he is joined by compelling live drummer Ben Dixon, who will also open the evening with his own set of beautiful and haunting songs inspired by the likes of The National and Neil Young.