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The Dynamic Communication of Contact Series

Friday 07 June to Friday 21 June 2024


Adult $30 per class


Fri 07 June, 18:00-20:00
Fri 14 June, 18:00-20:00
Fri 21 June, 18:00-20:00


1 Kiteroa Street Tauranga

An unique opportunity to explore the world of physical contact, and learn some of the fundamental principles that make whole-body communication so powerful.

In a series of three workshops, we'll dive into exercises that enliven our proprioception, spacial awareness and groundedness as we learn to be flexible, yet not walked-over, and strong but not rigid.  By being aware of our space, and when and how we affect others, we can begin to understand how to communicate effectively.

Sometimes we aren't sensitive to our own level of tension and when we are told to 'relax', we think we have.  What is more commonly happening is that we are carrying a base level of tension that has become our normal 'relaxed' state, and the brain perceives that we are, indeed, relaxed.  By having a partner to place a hand, or even a finger, on different places on our body, it directly affects the underlying tissues and in the right time these will soften deeply, beyond what we are used to feeling.  This quality of touch increases our sensitivity and allows us to be more available for responsive movement.

Using sticks to define pressure and direction between two people, we'll take turns receiving and initiating impulses.  Practising both actions creates the potential to create a fluid dialogue.  By working with a partner, we're able to notice more acutely where our blind spots are in our own bodies.

One of the key components to creating an engaging dialogue is adhesion; being able to physically stick to our partner throughout an exercise.   We need to have dynamic balance in order to maintain this connection.  We learn how to make this happen in a relaxed way, stirring our spacial intelligence into action.

Bring a friend, partner, or someone you trust to participate in these workshops as we will pair up for many of the activities.

This workshop lights up all of the necessary components to create healthy communicative and relational skills in an embodied way.  It's designed to enhance the quality of listening, flexibility, curiosity, mobility, and strength in ourselves to activate engaging dialogues in our home and work environments.  A fun and interactive series, it will not only workout our muscle tissue and joint range but also stimulate our sensory system and neuropathways.