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Tauranga Moana Waterscapes: 1800s - Present

Saturday 17 February to Monday 03 June 2024




Sat 17 February to Mon 03 June


Tauranga Art Gallery POP UP, 42 Devonport Road

Before the arrival of humans in Aotearoa, Tauranga Moana was filled with salt marshes, eelgrass beds, and large, freshwater wetlands.

Prior to the arrival of Pākehā, the Te Papa peninsula was also a favoured site for tangata whenua due to the thriving moana, abundance of kaimoana, and the strategic sites of the cliffs overlooking the harbour. Nowadays, we have a booming port and are known worldwide for our stunning beaches. For generations, the natural beauty of the waterscapes around Tauranga Moana have inspired artists.

Drawing on artworks from three of Tauranga’s largest public collections; the Tauranga Art Gallery Collection, Tauranga City Libraries Archives, and the Civic Art Collection, as well as selected works by prominent local contemporary artists, Tauranga Moana Waterscapes 1800s - Present showcases an evolution of artistic interpretations.

Each artwork reveals how the same subject can inspire diverse expressions; from references to the Takitimu waka to vistas that the artist simply wishes to preserve. This exhibition presents the beauty, variety and importance of the estuaries, beaches, harbours, and sea that make up Tauranga Moana.

Curated by Ellie Smith. Sponsored by BOP Times

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