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The Journey of Rubbish and Recycling

Monday 18 March 2024




Mon 18 March, 17:30-19:00


Envirohub 31B Glasgow Street Tauranga

In our increasingly environmentally conscious world, understanding the lifecycle of waste management has become paramount.

In this presentation, we delve into the intricate and often unseen world of rubbish and recycling in Tauranga. We will explore the entire lifecycle of waste, from the moment it's disposed of in your bins to its ultimate destination after travelling around New Zealand.

The audience will gain insights into how waste can be transformed into a valuable resource through innovative approaches in multiple different facilities spread out around the North Island.

This presentation aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the journey of rubbish and recycling in Tauranga. It underscores the city's commitment to sustainable waste management, the importance of recycling, and the challenges that exist in this endeavour while providing a broader dialogue on sustainable waste practices and hopes to inspire positive change for all in our beautiful community.

Gabriel Hurford is Tauranga City Council's Senior Waste Minimisation Officer.

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