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The Kiln God's Share - A Fringe Ceramic Installation

Tuesday 27 February to Saturday 09 March 2024




Tue 27 February to Sat 09 March


The Pot House, Historic Village Tauranga, 159 17th Avenue, Tauranga South

Kiln gods are the deities we entrust to watch over our precious creations as they are fired to temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Celsius.

They can be simple and rough totems of raw clay or highly decorated idols who are offered compliments, alcohol, bribes, and superstitious rituals to ensure a successful firing. But the kiln gods can be greedy, taking much of our hard work for themselves by way of defects and disasters that befall our wares during firing. These rejects are considered ‘offerings’ and although heart-breaking, we must never begrudge the gods their share.

The Pot House artists have created a monument to the kiln gods, constructed from our collective rubble. This is an opportunity for you to witness our suffering at the hands of these ravenous monsters who rule our miserable existence.

On a lighter note, we will also be ‘offering’ you the chance to purchase some of our perfectly acceptable seconds!

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