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Clothes Swap and Sustainable Backyards Launch

Friday 01 March 2024




Fri 01 March, 17:30-20:00


Envirohub 31B Glasgow Street, Tauranga

Come and join us as we celebrate the launch of Sustainable Backyard 2024 for a clothes swap!

This is a free event. Please arrive at 5:30pm to allow us time to hang out your clothes before the clothes swap commences at 6:00pm. There will be food and drinks provided whilst you wait for the clothes swap to start.

Bring a maximum of 5 garments. Please ensure the garments have no stains, or holes, and are in overall good condition. A good rule of thumb is to only bring things that you would be happy to receive yourself.

We also ask that you please don't bring garments from The Warehouse or Kmart e.g. Garage and Anko. We have found that people don't want them, meaning we end up with a pile of clothes from these brands after the clothes swap.

Only bring garments you are ready to part with. Bring some gold coins in case you want to purchase additional garments after swapping.

You will get a token for each garment you have bought in to swap (5 maximum). Each token can be used to 'purchase' a garment. If you use up all your tokens, you can purchase additional garments for a gold coin donation.

Proceeds will be donated to Turning Point Trust.

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