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Wunderboxes: Raumati - Summer by Emma Prill

Saturday 14 October to Sunday 11 February 2024




Sat 14 October to Sun 11 February


Tauranga Art Gallery POP UP, 42 Devonport Road

In partnership with Craigs Investment Partners, step into the magical world of Tauranga Art Gallery's miniature art adventure!

Get ready to embark on an enchanting, interactive trail as we present 'Wunderboxes'—five captivating art installations designed for the whole family to enjoy.

Hidden throughout central Tauranga Moana, this thrilling trail of Wunderboxes kicks off at our new Pop Up Gallery located at 42 Devonport Road.

Grab your map and brace yourself for a sensational journey where surprises are waiting to be discovered.

Our mission is to create an inclusive and exhilarating experience with these miniature art setups, aiming to inspire wonder and awe in children and whanau alike.

The Wunderboxes not only serve as vessels for sharing special Tauranga Moana stories but also help our tamariki connect with the seasons and the rhythmic dance of maramataka—enhancing our wellbeing and nurturing our vital role in its harmony.

In this first wave of Wunderbox art installations, we invite you to dive headfirst into the radiant world of Raumati—Summer. Guided by renowned Tauranga based artist, Emma Prill.

Inspired from local purakau, you'll embark on an extraordinary artistic exploration fuelled by the spirit of summertime.

These agile, inclusive, and vibrant Wunderboxes are guaranteed to captivate and thrill community members of all ages. Yes, that includes our littlest ones too! Ages 0+ are more than welcome to join the fun.

Prepare to encounter Wunderboxes that can be both whimsically wild and contemplatively challenging. These mini masterpieces provide a space to include those who might otherwise miss out, allowing us to delve into important stories of the past and celebrate the narratives of our time.

But above all, let's remember to unleash our sense of fun throughout this extraordinary adventure.

Event runs 14 - 31 October from 10am-4pm.

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