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Storytelling Through Tukutuku

Saturday 02 July 2022




Sat 02 July, 15:00-17:00


The Incubator Gallery - The Incubator Creative Village, 159 17th Ave, Tauranga

This is a contemporary take and introduction on the traditional Māori art form of tukutuku. We hope to inspire you to come along and weave and tell your story through tukutuku. Tukutuku are found in Wharenui (meeting house). The walls are adorned with tukutuku panels each telling stories of our ancestors.

Tukutuku are made with various materials such as natural fibres like kiekie and pingao. That are then traditionally dyed with flora and fauna native to Aotearoa. We will have some of these materials on display at the workshop so you can see and feel the different textures and familiarise something new. The patterns of tukutuku have symbolic meanings, in this workshop you will learn the basics and go home with a handout to continue creating at home.

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