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Waste Free Parenting

Tuesday 08 December 2020




Tue 08 December, 18:30-20:30


The Historic Village, Seventeenth Ave West

Attend our longest-running and most popular workshop to become inspired and entertained about ways you can minimise waste in your home whilst babies are around! What else? You will receive a gift pack full of waste minimization products, including a couple of cloth nappies to have a go at!

Did you know… That each baby goes through approximately 5500 nappy changes throughout their childhood? That’s a lot of single-use items being thrown out across New Zealand!


For over 10 years, Kate has been travelling the country delivering waste minimisation seminars, with topics ranging from cloth nappies, right through to re-usable coffee cups. We are extremely passionate about our work and believe that education and the sharing of knowledge is one of the most powerful tools we have in the battle against waste. Kate strongly believes that “If everyone did just one small thing for our environment every single day, we will start to make a difference that will count”.


The ‘Individual’ Ticket admits 1 person, and you receive 1 pack of waste minimization products. The ‘Couples’ Ticket admits 2 people to the workshop, but you will receive 1 pack. So, if you’d like to get a pack each, make sure you book individual tickets! The ‘Observer” ticket admits 1 person, you will receive a copy of Kate's magazine but no gift pack. If you would like a gift pack make sure to book an individual or couples ticket.

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