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Wander Women Adventure Race

Saturday 14 November 2020


3 hour race: $640 per team ($160 per person). 6 hour race: $880 per team ($220 per person)


Sat 14 November, 9:00-17:00


Tauranga (venue revealed one week in advance of the event)

Wander Women is an adventure race created by women, for women. It is a beginner friendly race designed to empower women - not break them.

Wander Women is a navigational race in teams of four, based on points. Our race consists of two disciplines over either a three or six hour course: running/trekking and mountain biking as well as exciting mystery activities that are completion based rather than skills based. Complete the activity and claim the points. The team who gets the most amount of points in the fastest time wins. The idea is to complete the whole course to gain maximum points. You are not penalized for coming in late. Stay out there, complete the course and have a great time out there with your friends.

If you haven’t done an adventure race before, we encourage you to take the leap! The more experienced adventure racers will use their skills to complete the course quickly. Gather your team of four fabulous women and book your place for adventure as well as a well needed girl’s weekend away in a beautiful location.

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