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Pātaka kōrero

Monday 13 July to Tuesday 21 July




Mon 13 July to Tue 21 July



With the smell of blood and gunpowder still lingering in the air, the land we live on today was measured and portioned by the first surveyors stationed in Tauranga. Their letters, which are held by Tauranga City Libraries, shed light on Tauranga Moana both then and now.

This mini documentary with Tauranga City Library’s Archivist, Abby Wharne, and Heritage Specialist, Harley Couper, will introduce you to a time of hope, greed, anger and despair, via the letters of the first land surveyors.

How do these letters help us understand Tauranga today – its landscape, cityscape and people? What other evidence and resources can we use to fill in this picture? And, how does the library make sure these historic documents will be available for the generations to come? You will learn that the work of the surveyors was about far more than the productions of plans and maps.