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Blues Brothers: First Contact

Friday 14 August to Saturday 29 August




Fri 14 August to Sat 29 August


Westside Theatre, 141 17th Avenue, Tauranga

Five years ago, SETI Project Scientists detected a faint signal from the outer reaches of space. Now, in a highly classified CIA operation, First Contact with extra-terrestrial life is scheduled for 7:23pm, August 24th in the Dark Mountains of Global Region Echo. The President has intelligence that suggests the morale of American forces at the alien landing site is at an all-time low. POTUS believes that following five years of arduous preparation far from home, the appalling quality of entertainment at the region's main base to be the core of the issue. His solution? He instructs the Joint Chiefs to find the only musical act that has a hope of raising moral, so saving the world and developing intergalactic relations. Enter the Blues Brothers...

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