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Use Your Lucies - Change The World

Tuesday 28 July




Tue 28 July, 12:00-13:00



Evie Ashton, the Founder of Fintech start up Lucies, shares her vision for using the way you spend, save and invest to create wealth and influence for all women. As the Covid 19 pandemic has taught us, we are not disconnected but incredibly connected and we need each other more than ever. We also need a financial ecosystem that works with us not against us, and that works for everyone.

Did you know that today as a group women are a market more than twice as big as China and India put together? Did you know women influence 80% of the household spend globally? This is why everyone wants to sell us something. Lucies started with a simple question: if women have that much commercial power, why isn't that reflected in our social power? Lucies flicks the switch on a machine that is already built.

Find out how our differences can become our strengths to create a strong and equal future for women and men, and how you can be a part it.