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Spring Slavic Festival 2019

Saturday 16 November


Free - donation welcome


Sat 16 November, 10:00-4:00


Greerton Community Hall, Cameron Rd.

The Spring Slavic Festival will showcase the culture of Slavs currently living in Tauranga and surrounding cities. This Festival is a collaboration between the Polish Community Trust BOP and the Russian Speaking Community Trust BOP (whose Vice President, Iryna Stewart, is co-running this event). We hope to engage more groups in the organising committee next year, assuming the participants wish to make this Festival an annual event.

The event will be comprised of several elements – the featured component will be performances of several groups and individuals - we have 8 groups and 5 musicians including pianists and singers- all together over 90 people on the stage throughout the day. Additionally, we will have food stalls -Polish, Russian,Czech and Slovak, Slovenian and Croatian plus traditional Russian tea from samovar and coffee, service providers -interpreting service, IRD and information stalls from a few countries including a series of short Power Point presentations about the various countries involved in the event. We will also have a small art exhibition featuring contemporary paintings by artists from at least 5 Slavic countries, plus a collection of Holy Icons.

As of today, we have representatives of the following countries: Poland, Russia, Ukraine,Belarus Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, and Bulgaria.