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Mrs Krishnan's Party

Friday 23 August to Sunday 25 August


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Fri 23 August, 19:00-20:30
Sat 24 August, 19:00-20:30
Sun 25 August, 16:00-17:30


Baycourt X Space

Presented by: Indian Ink Theatre Co.

Indians throw crazy parties.

Heard of Diwali? A million lamps floating on a river and fireworks to wake the dead.
Heard of Holi? An explosion of colour and joy and massive dry cleaning bills.
How about Onam? It could be the craziest of them all!

Mrs Krishnan is at a crossroads and contemplating selling her shop. It’s Onam, a time to celebrate life, death and rebirth. But when, as a surprise, her lodger James invites 100 guests over (the audience) Mrs K has no choice but to throw the party of her life!

In the spirit of great parties everywhere, laughter abounds, stories are told, tables are danced on and 100 strangers become friends.

Indian Ink continues to bridge cultures and expand boundaries with this hilarious, joyous and life-affirming, party-within-a-play. With rave reviews and standing ovations from across the globe, we can’t wait to bring the party to Tauranga!

Seating options

Top Table: The Top Table is exactly that! These are strictly limited, premium seats in the centre of the room, seated around Mrs K’s kitchen table.

Inner Circle: These seats, would traditionally be your front row. They are next closest to the action and you’ve got nobody blocking your view. You can see and be seen.

Wallflowers: These are your more traditional, tiered seats at the edge of the room. These seats are raised and have great views where you can sit back and watch the action unfold. There is one seating bank on either side of the room, directly behind the Party Animals.

Cheeky Seats (combination seating - seats and bar stools): These seats are directly behind the Inner Circle. They are not raised, so are on the same level as the Inner Circle, except for some bar stools dotted around the periphery to provide a little extra elevation for those who want it.

Party Animals (standing tickets): The Party Animals stand behind the Cheeky Seats and in front of the raised Wallflower seats, which provide the perfect platform to perch on for comfort. Perfect place if you have come to party! You need room to move. You’re gonna dance like no-one is watching.

Once you arrive in your area, all seats are general admission. For more information about seating check out the video below!


Top Table: $62.00
Inner Circle: $58.00
Wallflower: $46.00
Cheeky Seats: $34.00
Party Animals $15.00

Child (15 and under):
Wallflower: $15.00

Seniors (65+):
Wallflower: $41.00
Cheeky Seats: $29.00

Wheelchair companion:
Inner Circle: $0.00
Cheeky Seats: $0.00

Groups 6+ (Baycourt Box Office):
Wallflower: $41.00
Cheeky Seats: $29.00

Ticketing service fees apply. 

Mrs Krishnan's Party Seating Options from Baycourt Community & Arts Centre on Vimeo.

2019 MKP Teaser from Indian Ink Theatre Company on Vimeo.