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Generation Homes Sand to Surf

Saturday 09 February


From $19.50


Sat 09 February, 7:45-15:30


Mount Maunganui Main Beach, Marine Parade, Mount Maunganui

Looking for a short ‘n snappy aquatic activity? Check out the 500m swim or extend yourself with the brand new 1.25km lap around Moturiki (Leisure) Island! Need something a bit longer to get your salt water swim fix? The 2.6km swim has got you sorted as you head out beyond Moturiki (Leisure) Island, around Motuotau (Rabbit) Island and back to the beach for your finish line victory air-punch.

Drum roll please…..introducing…..The Amphibian! We heard you were keen for a new challenge so here you go. Head into the surf for a 500m swim then tag your mate (or keep going yourself) on a 4.5km run around the base of Mt Maunganui before finishing strong back on the beach.

Three distances in the Banana Boat OceanKids Series means that young swimmers can have the swim of their life at six of our annual events!

The 100m swim is perfect for those starting out or finding their flippers in the ocean aged 7 and 8 years old, and the 200m distance is ideal for 9 and 10 year olds. If your 11 and 12 year old tadpole is looking for a bit more of a challenge have a go at the 300m distance.

Prices vary according to the distances. Check out for more details, or check out our Facebook and Instagram.