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Your summer in Tauranga with Red Frogs

Hi! My name’s Bridgette and I volunteer with Red Frogs! Redfrog Woman

You may be wondering who we are? Well, here's our story: Red Frogs began in Australia at Schoolies Week in 1997. Often this week is known for excessive use of alcohol and is therefore associated with harmful behaviours. That’s where Red Frogs step in! Red Frogs seek to provide direct relief and a positive peer presence in the midst of their celebrations and by doing this, our hope is that we can help out and minimise the harm that can happen.

Red Frogs launched in New Zealand in 2008. This summer, in the middle of the dreamiest holiday spot, Mount Maunganui, we are so excited to be spending our New Year's armed with our well known and loved Red Frog Lollies - they hit the perfect spot for sweet summer cravings!

Throughout the night, we will be providing different levels of support in a safe and caring environment. Have a look on any of our social media sites to see where we are on New Year’s Eve! If you see any of our teams out and about be sure to give them a cheeky high five – these guys make the perfect mates to have when you’re in need of a walk home at night!

Red Frogs’ top tips for a summer like no other:

  1. Dont forget your basics - food and water!
    Be sure to stay well fed and hydrated throughout your night! Our Red Frog crew is out and about, looking after you and providing drinking water as well as our famous Red Frog Lollies.
  2. What's your game plan?
    We all know things can go missing and stuff goes wrong sometimes so make sure that your crew has a meeting point and time and some cash stashed to get yourself home.
  3. Never leave a mate behind!
    Make sure the whole crew sticks together and goes home as a group at the end of your night.

Look after your mates!

Published: Wednesday, 14 Dec 2016 11:00 by Tauranga City Council

Plan ahead before you go out
Plan ahead before you go out
The early stage of the evening isn't just about having a few drinks at home. It's time to get prepared!

Being out and about
Being out and about
Remember the following while you're out and about and it'll be a good night.

Getting around town and home
Getting around town and home
A graceful exit is as important as a grand entrance - remember to plan how you're getting home and also around town.

Need to call someone
Emergency and Safety Numbers
Need to call someone? Save these numbers into your phone. Remember these people are here to help you, not get you into trouble.

Safety on NYE
Safety on NYE at Mount Main Beach
We want to ensure you have a safe and memorable holiday, so we have a number of safety measures in place.

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