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The "What About You?" campaign aims to use social norm marketing to challenge students’ misconceptions of peer drinking norms, to lead to a positive change in drinking behaviour. 

The focus of the campaign has been to promote real facts about low risk drinking behaviours that are common amongst young Kiwis aged 15–24 years. The messages are designed to engage youth on the basis that they are realistic, encourage less harmful drinking practices and cover a spectrum of drinking behaviours.

The 2017 campaign has been re-developed by Tauranga City Council and Safer Communities in collaboration with student focus groups. The outcome is positive messaging and imagery to encourage low risk drinking for 18–24 year olds, as well as an alcohol-free message aimed specifically at those under the age of 18.

The concept of the campaign is based on international best-practice.

Find out what alcohol is, what it does to you and your mental health (1.2mb pdf)

Published: Monday, 20 Nov 2017 09:00 by Tauranga City Council

Plan ahead before you go out
Plan ahead before you go out
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Being out and about
Being out and about
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Getting around town and home
Getting around town and home
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Need to call someone
Emergency and Safety Numbers
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Safety on NYE at Mount Main Beach
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