Matariki Tauranga Moana 2018

Nā te mauri ō papatuānuku ka ora ai te tangata
The wellbeing of mankind derives from the life essence of the earth

Each year, the winter stars of Matariki signal the arrival of the Māori New Year. Traditionally, the rise of Matariki was a sign to ensure food crops had been harvested and the storehouses were well-stocked for the coming year. Matariki also brought communities together to share and to learn from each other. Nowadays, Matariki has become a time of revitalisation and resurgence of te reo Māori and mātauranga Māori traditions. Matariki is an opportunity to reflect and celebrate our history and make plans for the new layers of our future. In doing so, we acknowledge our traditions, language and culture, which gives us a sense of who we are.

The theme for the Matariki Tauranga Moana 2018 programme of events is Mauri. Mauri is often described as the essence of life or life force that generates, regenerates and upholds creation, binding physical and spiritual elements. It is created and sustained when everything is in balance. Maintaining and enhancing the mauri is about honouring relationships with the natural world, and promoting the health and essence of all living beings. A waterbody with a healthy mauri will sustain a healthy ecosystem, have an abundance of mahinga kai (natural food sources) and be a source of pride for its people.

In the same respect, tangata (people) and whānau (families) with a healthy mauri will sustain good health and prosper.

Matariki Tauranga Moana invites everyone to discover the significance of Matariki and explore ways to observe the Māori New Year with whānau and friends. Matariki Tauranga Moana 2018 will see the city comes alive with a five-week programme of events including live performances, exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops and family events.

Take part and learn about what Matariki means for our city and our people. 

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