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Paradox – Tauranga Street Art Festival

Tuesday 28 March to Thursday 15 June




Tue 28 March to Thu 15 June


Tauranga Art Gallery and across the city

Tauranga City Council in partnership with Oi YOU! and the Tauranga Art Gallery are proud to present Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival featuring the Oi YOU! Collection. The collection includes the most extensive assembly of the works of the acclaimed street artist Banksy, in the Southern Hemisphere. 

It is the first of its kind in Tauranga and this is the first time the comprehensive Oi YOU! Collection is being exhibited in the North Island of New Zealand; art work specially created for Tauranga by six international and national artists as well as an extensive festival programme including works of the city’s local artists, public wall paintings, food, music and dance.

Paradox Inside
Six internationally acclaimed artists will create bespoke works within the Tauranga Art Gallery to complement the Oi You! collection of iconic street art including the work of the inimitable Banksy.

Paradox Outside
The collective of international and national street artists, namely Askew One, Lucy McLauchlan, Sofles, Charles & Janine Williams, Jacob Yikes and Ernest Zacharevic will create a remarkable legacy in their natural habitat, the streets. A series of works will grace the walls of Tauranga for all to enjoy for years to come.

Paradox Live&Local
Tauranga is home to a large group of renowned street artists. Paradox Live & Local will showcase the work of our local artists and encourage interaction from across the community, bringing everyone together with events including public wall paintings, food, music and dance.

All Paradox Live & Local events will involve the wider community, opening this urban contemporary art form to those who may not have engaged yet and to those who are already involved.