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Anti-heroes: Conscious Cartoonists & Comic Book Creators

Saturday 23 February to Sunday 09 June




Sat 23 February to Sun 09 June


108 Willow Street

This exhibition is the first installment of Mega World, the Tauranga Art Gallery's 2019 signature show, and features work by Ryan Heshka (CA), Dash Shaw (USA), Ron Regé Jr (USA), Tommi Parrish (AU), Tom Scott (NZ), Mardo El-Noor (NZ) and Dylan Horrocks (NZ).

Comic books are famously known for their Amazonian warriors, supermen from Krypton and cave dwelling billionaire playboys; Superheroes who violently defend the world from mastermind criminals and world domination.

The artists in Anti-heroes resist this archetypical genre of comic books and use the medium to tell real human stories. Their characters are inspired by real people, human relationships and are often autobiographical.

The comic book has been dominated by the superhero but as an art form it is a unique way of telling stories with both words and pictures simultaneously.

Anti-heroes is a survey of works chosen by the curator that gives insight into the creators process, including original comic book pages, concept drawings, digital paintings and animation. Elements not usually seen by the audience are exposed and the craft of comic-book story-telling is revealed.

The exhibition will also include the Australasian premiere of the instant cult classic animated film 'My Entire High School Sinking into the Sea', by Dash Shaw.

Principal Exhibition Partner: Craigs Investment Partners
Cultural Partner: US Embassy

Event dates:

Open 10am - 4:30pm, 23 February - 9 June 2019