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From the busyness of innovation to the creation of lasting value

Thursday 24 May




Thu 24 May, 16:30-18:30


Basement@Basestation 148 Durham Street, Tauranga, New Zealand 3110

Jorn Bettin will talk about challenges that go beyond the established framework of research in industry, government and academia.

The healthcare sector, the primary industries, and related technological innovators are key pillars of New Zealand's economy. However, in most cases, breakthrough innovation is the result of intensive interdisciplinary research and development, often drawing on insights from disciplines that may lie beyond the focus of attention and the capabilities of a particular organisation, faculty, or government initiative. Whilst exponential improvements in communication have transformed our economy, they have also put into sharp focus the limits of the ability of organisational cultures to adapt to new contexts. Our cognitive limits prevent us from better understanding the full implications of all our actions. It is time to stop confusing innovation with entertaining stories, and to shift from a culture of sick busyness to an appreciation of the value of life.

Jorn Bettin is a Partner at S23M and loves building and working with high performance teams. S23M works with top-level subject matter experts and transdisciplinary teams to uncover and activate deep domain knowledge. S23M’s MODA + MODE thinking tools complement Kaizen and agile techniques, enabling people and software systems to interact in the simplest possible way. Jorn is passionate about open innovation and about addressing challenges that go beyond the established framework of research in industry, government and academia via the quarterly CIIC unconference. He is the author of several books on model driven product line engineering, is part of Autistic Collaboration – a mutual support hub for neurodivergent individuals and ventures, and advises clients on the creation of inclusive cultures of innovation and knowledge sharing.


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