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Escape - Stroppy Women

Saturday 02 June


Adult: $20.00
TECT Card Holders (Offer ends May 25): $16.00


Sat 02 June, 11:30-12:30


Baycourt X Space

Presented by: Escape!

Starring: Sue Bradford, Mary Dillon, Paula Morris and Michele A’Court

Long-time activist and former Green MP Sue Bradford, former Tauranga City Councillor Mary Dillon, author Paula Morris (Ngati Wai, Ngati Whatua), award-winning writer and founder the Academy of NZ Literature talk to Michele A’Court about what gets their goat. All the women have lived at least a part of their life in the public eye and will discuss the difficulties of doing so.

TECT Earlybird tickets are available over the Baycourt Box Office counter only. Please present your concession card when purchasing tickets. Offer ends May 25.

Ticketing service fees apply.

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